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Cuil Capital brings entrepreneurship to life through strategy and funding. We develop businesses with in-depth discussions and strategic analysis and planning spearheaded by our vast experience. We mentor our entrepreneurs through the rough spots. We listen to our entrepreneurs instead of shoveling advice their way. We connect loose ends and explain how we did it. We enable the rough edges of a business idea to transform into a tangible, successful investment. We so strongly believe in our entrepreneurs’ potential to revolutionize lives with their unique idea.

Investor Documents That Encourage Investments

Business Plan Reviews

The crux of what our entrepreneurs are hoping to accomplish at this stage is a fantastic, motivating business plan. We have learned through experience that these business plans don’t have to go on ad nauseum like in the past. We have the latest trends on what our entrepreneurs should include to get the most impact and show off their growth model.

Executive Summaries

Some business ideas die on page one with a poorly worded, half-baked executive summary that never truly shows off what the business can do. We can help our entrepreneurs craft a concise executive summary that gets rid of the extraneous, highlights the necessary, and makes their business look compelling and vital.

Investors Presentations

A presentation that is memorable, powerful, and expertly constructed can make investors pull out their wallets. We use storytelling, design, thorough research and our own experience of what works best in presentations to take our entrepreneurs’ presentations up a notch or three.

Investor Pitch Practice

All entrepreneurs need it. Most appreciate it. We give our entrepreneurs an opportunity to rehearse so that any mistakes, from a stumbled line to a slide that fails to load, can be smoothed over before the investors appear. It is an often overlooked but critically important step.
Financial Projections

Entrepreneurs seeking capital investment should not want their potential investors feeling ambiguous about their financial potential because of a lack of detail and organization. Our financial models are world class and arranged exactly how investors want them. Need to adjust on the fly? We can work with you, knowing projections change all the time. As a side benefit, the projections give our entrepreneurs and their managers information to improve their stewardship of our entrepreneurs’ cash flow.

Business Plans

Long business plans were once mandatory. Today, it is all about proof of concept. Business plans have become detailed action and growth plans.


Generally, our investment capital comes from high net-worth individuals who have been deeply involved in building entrepreneurial enterprises. Our investors have been successful owners, managers, entrepreneurs and advisors helping companies grow. They understand both the operating challenges of running a smaller organization, as well as the longer-term benefits of unlocking an organization's organic growth potential.

We consider our investors to be "smart money." Our investors understand the challenges of any business because they have faced them first hand. The management team of a Cuil Capital portfolio company is among colleagues who know the ups and the downs, the excitement, the pride and sometimes the frustration and challenges of crafting an enterprise. We have been down this road before. We stay the course.

Due Diligence

Our entrepreneurs have enough on their plates. We make sure everything that is supposed to be done gets done and without missing words, or other errors. After all, all the work in the world can be undone at a pitch meeting with a typo on the first slide.

Growth: Expanding on your terms

We help stay ahead of tomorrow’s needs while our entrepreneurs grow. When our entrepreneurs are ready for the next step, we have it in place. We are methodical so you can be prepared.
Advisory Board Participation
A strong advisory board does immeasurable good for a company. We create a game plan for boards that maximizes the benefit without us getting in the way. A good board furthers company goals and increases the value of our clients’ companies.
Board Meeting Facilitation
Company retreats are sometimes synonymous with “big talk, no action.” They do not have to be. We can help by developing and leading retreats that foster real progress without the mindless presentations or empty exercises.
Interim Project Management
Need a team to take on an entire project? We tackle that with experienced team members who take it from start to finish as needed.
Investor Reports
Investor reports are written stories that are sent to investors on a regular basis (e.g., monthly or quarterly) to keep them apprised of your successes and failures. It is a crucial step to keeping investors happy. There should never be any surprises. We can assist our entrepreneurs in preparing the reports.
Financial Overview
Experienced financial analysts are on hand to point out problem areas before they become critical issues. We track cash flow, find areas to improve spending to get a better return on investment, and evaluate economic patterns.

Branding: Making a name for yourself

Branding is how the world judges your business. Your company cannot thrive without standing out. There is far too much competition, too much knowledge, too much everything for you to stay in the middle of the pack. Money is earned on surging to the top of brand recognition. We can help take our entrepreneurs’ concepts and turn them into something identifiable that resonates with investors and customers.
Logo & Collateral Materials

When people think of a business, the mental image is quite often the logo first. Apple. BMW. Virgin. The logos, and all of the materials they use with the logo on it, make them easily identifiable at a glance. We get to know all aspects of your business and then help come up with the marketing materials that provide a “wow” factor backed by an understanding of what you are all about.


Websites are critical, considering investors and others go there as one of the first methods of research. Can they find the information they need? Does it look professional and clean? Does it leave a good impression? We take care of all of that with creative strategy discussions to reflect your goals and needs online. This is often our clients’ favorite part. Having an eye-catching website just seems to jump start everything. Search engine optimization and page management are part of the package, too.


Writing, however, is often our clients’ least favorite part. We can take care of that for our clients. We use your personality and your words, polish them, and make the copy speak volumes, even if it is mere sentences.

Social Media: Lead the online conversation

Often these days, online marketing is synonymous with social media presence. While you may know on some level that you should be on social media, we take out the guess work and give you solid strategy, curate content, and provide the latest in profile creation techniques. You’ll look great on social media, to say the least, as well as other digital marketing areas that help round out your online brand.
Social Media Strategy, Execution & Management
Social media is not just posting regularly and making sure you have a profile on all the channels. At its best, it is about communication. We maintain relationships with your consumers, track engagement and give you analytics in a way you can easily understand.
Internet Marketing
Targeted traffic means you get the exact kind of potential client you want, and that is the beauty of Internet marketing. We have sophisticated marketing plans that give you quick and long-term results, from traffic to your website to list building.
Search Engine Optimization
If your website is on the last page of Google’s results pages, then your chances of being found are equivalent to the elusive pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. We work to ensure that your business is ranked high up on search engine result pages (without paying for advertisements), as this is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing when implemented correctly and maintained properly.
Website Conversion Improvement
We want your website to have traffic that converts. Otherwise, it is misleading to have a rush of empty traffic that brings you nothing. Accordingly, we use best practices for conversion, such as prominent call-to-action locations, clear copy, and design that’s based on analytics, to improve conversions.

As Architects For Entrepreneurs, We Build Solid Foundations For Emerging Companies

Our clients' enthusiasm remains contagious and our goals have remained steadfast: to provide the planning, objectivity, words, visuals, and at this point, years of experience, to get our clients’ ideas realized.